Blackjack rules

In this guide, we’ll put you through everything you need to know before playing casino blackjack and how to win big like a pro player. Understanding blackjack can be pretty tough for newbies, but that’s nothing to worry about. We’ll only outline some of the basic things to learn before betting on blackjack.

Before diving into the world of casino blackjack, you’ll need to understand one major principle about this classic game which most people forget: The last person to make a move is the dealer. Even though most of the dealer’s decisions are made in respect to the rules, the players are mostly responsible for their loss. This is why it is important to study blackjack rules thoroughly before playing.

Irrespective of whether they bust after or not, once you lose a bet, it simply means the casino wins. This is a major principle to keep in mind when learning how to play blackjack. This article will guide you on how to play blackjack from a newbie level to a pro player. Sit back, relax and read about the best tips on how to play 21 blackjack.

Fortunately for us, online casino can be enjoyed from the comforts of our homes. No need going to a land based casino establishment to play. With your PC, smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy all your favourite games with the click of a button.

Blackjack rules

As you would imagine, blackjack comes with some official rules that govern the game. As a new player about to start playing blackjack, you should know these rules.

Listed below are some rules of blackjack to know:

  • Anyone who gets about a total of 21 points between each player and the dealer is declared the winner. Also, players don’t bet against each other, instead, they bet against the house.
  • There are different cards available on blackjack. Each card worth some points. Aces are worth 1 or 11 point, face cards and 10’s are worth 10 points.
  • Another blackjack betting rules allow players the ability to win automatically anytime they are served with an Ace (ten-points card) However, the dealer should not have an ace of their own. In case the dealer has an ace, it is called a push (you get your bet back.)
  • Another major blackjack rules is getting "insurance." Insurance in another thing to know when playing blackjack. Insurance simply means a player is allowed the opportunity to wager about half their original bet whenever the dealer receives an Ace. If at the end of the hand, the dealer had blackjack, you win that bet.
  • On blackjack, players are allowed to split their bets whenever they receive a pair of the same cards. Additionally, players are sometimes allowed to split the same card after splitting the first time. Splitting can be allowed up to a number of times.
  • In accordance to the official blackjack rules, players are allowed to "double down" their original bets. However, only one additional card can be received.

How to win at blackjack

If you follow the guidelines and tips we provide, you stand a greater chance of winning at online blackjack. It is very important that you follow these tips strictly without modifying them. We have taken out time to study best way to win at blackjackand our tips have high success rate. Do not try to change them or follow your insticnts. Doing this can reduce your winnings.

Is it possible to consistently win at blackjack?

Yes, it is possible to consistently win at blackjack. However, you should always stake with cash you’re comfortable with. Even though blackjack is one of few games with a low house edge of about 0.5%, the house always win everytime. if you follow our strategy throughly, you’re assured of winning constantly. Always remember to stick with the strategy and avoid making bets based on your guts.


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